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How to seduce the hottest girl in London, which for me is the hottest girl in the world, her name is Roxy she’s high status escort in London and a modeland she probably knows it so if you appear like you’re a lower status man, it’s never going to work you have to be on the same level you have to be high status as well you have to come off as a high-status.So you asked me how I do that. Well,I booked her all the time and act a high-status men because, if she sees or you convey that you typically date women that are lower than her let’s say average women average status or average looks, then it’s not going to work she’s not going to be attracted to you.

I have to show her that you date women of the same caliber as her there’s a lot of different ways to do that social proof pre-selection things like that, I meet her on the sidewalk, and I never taught she was an escort girl. so what I didwas convey that I am the type of man who’s comfortable around women like her not only that but that you’re the type of man who dates women like her or even higher status than her even more beautiful than her.

I challenged her because what most guys do, most guys who date let’s say average women and then they build up the courage to walk up to that total 10, they put her on the pedestal and they make her seem like she’s the prize, like “wow you’re so beautiful i would love to take you on a date,i’ll take you anywhere you want” right it’s that sort of energy that’s needy and I know it just doesn’t work with her instead I have to see fro myself as the prize.

So that’s what your goal is to find out what kind of girl she is and you do that through challenging her, with qualification question. now the minds it’s like this like imagine you’re the type of guy who date’s only supermodels and you see another supermodel walking around supermodel type of girl walking down the street you’re not gonna be thinking “oh my god I have to have her” you’re going to be thinking “well she’s really attractive I will go talk to her let’s see what she’s all about, let’s see if she’s cool, let’s see if she meets my standards, let’s see if she really is a 10 as far as the whole package” not just the looks”. That is what I did with Roxy.

Yeah some of you might think, that this method of mine may be a double edge blade, but I know for sure, Roxy loves the challenge. Seeing her so high-class and all, her interest on me also builds up. I have dated some gorgeous women before, but not like this girl. When I first saw her my jaw dropped! But I didn’t let her noticed that I was really into her. In the back of my mind, there are lots of questions on playing and scenarios taken place. On how to approach her, I know if I book her, she’ll have a date with me, but that is not the thing I am after, I am after for the “not faking date” I wanted our date to be genuine as possible, the fun and excitement should be there.

I’ve dated some escorts and modelsand their crazy hot, but what do you love about modeling and escorting, what really turns you on about that? I asked her and she toldme “you know it’s just a job but, what I’m really passionate about his art”deep inside me I am crossing fingers she won’t get the feeling of me becoming weird and hoping that I pique her interest, which I did. And from there I told her if I could book her on a date and she happily said yes! Anytime! So until now, I am still dating the hottest girl in the World ROXY from London Escorts